The choice of the suitable software is equally important as well as difficult for a company.
The decision is important because you expect an optimisation of your work routines from the software.
Modern software should be no single solution, but must allow the data exchange with other software.
It also may not comply to any tendency in the company everyday life, but must present a stable and timeless assistance.
Our products are easy, mature and field-tested.
They are convincing in the company everyday life due to a high functionality and security.

The financial accounting LXFibu offers the complete function circumference of a modern bookkeeping.
Next to the acquisition of entries in the dialog and in the batch also belongs the open items management.
The electronic or conventional payments with data carrier exchange, the dunning, the balancing as well as the cost centre accounting and cost unit controlling complete the scope of services of this accounting program.
Multi-user ability and company codes allow to you to book the complete accountancy for several companies or single departments and branches separated and to evaluate.
With the consolidation the single accountancies can be brought together.
The financial accounting program LXFibu distinguishes itself by a very quick document entry.
The input of a voucher is recognised immediately and checked for plausibility.
The financial accounting program LXFibu is stable, quick, safe and encloses the areas:

The practical, quick and clear usability as well as the logical structure are estimated by the pro as well as the beginner.


Enter your daily vouchers regularly.
The LXFibu financial accounting assists you with it.
You have then a comprehensive financial overview due to the financial accounting LXFibu.
You receive your individual evaluations fast and reliable.
You are able to retrieve your current documents any time and to hold them in your hands.
The LXFibu financial accounting can for the individual processing access on all data.


The LXFibu financial accounting already assists you on the data entry.
Thus the existence and assignment of the respective segment or voucher circle is checked with all book entries.
An audit trail is already carried out with the entry for the entered accounts and data due to the integrated plausibility check.
Thus the accounting records cannot be entered at all which prove no sense.

The financial accounting LXFibu is for everybody and the demanding...

You can immediately use the financial accounting LXFibu with different standard charts of accounts.
You instal the software on your computer and can immediately begin with the voucher entry.
The given book entry accounts can be complemented of you.
The operator interface of the financial accounting LXFibu is clear, so that the work with LXFibu is familiar to you within a short period of time.
Your voucher entry is governed fast and certain by short buttons, a familiar menu control and object-oriented contexts.
The financial accounting LXFibu is intelligent.

A strong team...

Modern software should be no single solution, but must allow the data exchange with other software.
Our products use thesame data base due to the client server model and the use of a MySQL data base server.
The entries are immediately available in the LXAUFTRAG ERP which are done in the financial accounting LXFibu.
Thus open items of the debtors are also in the order processing visible when required.
The financial accounting LXFibu is absolute multiuser capable.


  • Freely definable charts of accounts (SKR03, SKR04, KMU, other)
  • Variable size adaptation of the book entry window; scalable, thereby generous overview
  • Accounts also with synonyms selectable, quick finding
  • Formation of account groups according to the posting type
  • Account balance is immediately reloaded.
  • Quick and easy document entry
  • Automatic document numbering
  • Dialog book entry
  • Split entry
  • Batch book entry
  • Open item processing debtors and creditors
  • Open item dunning
  • Open item payments
  • Full display document entry
  • Memory function of the fields
  • Posting texts as a default ascertainable
  • Journal / daily analysis
  • Automatic posting of the sales tax
  • Automatic posting of the cash discounts
  • Automatic posting of the income and cost accounts
  • Evaluation period freely selectable any time
  • Annual-covering evaluations
  • Afa
  • Sales analysis
  • Bank statement
  • Balance lists of impersonal accounts, debtors and creditors
  • Sales tax advance notification
  • Business-management evaluation business assessment
  • Profit and loss
  • Interim balance sheet
  • Annual balance sheet
  • DATEV import and export interfaces for master data and vouchers
  • MT940 import interface for bank vouchers
  • ASCII interfaces
  • SQL Interfaces
  • Journal for already entered vouchers
  • Absolute multi-client enabled up to 9999 clients
    The number of clients that you are allowed to use is regulated by the license of the software.
  • Print on preview, printer, e-mail, fax
  • Address care from the financial accounting
  • Object-orientated application
  • Field types: date, numerally, currency, generally
  • Field attributes: Validate, Retain, Autofind, Autoclear
  • SQL server data base
  • Client - server architecture
  • Concurrent field help
  • Scalable screen sizes
  • Individual colour management
  • Client management
  • Online tips
  • Online reference manual
  • Object-oriented information query
  • Object-oriented mass calculation
  • Concurrent tips
  • Master data

  • Up to 999.999 clients
  • Current accounts and impersonal accounts are fit to foreign currency
  • Up to 10 million debtors and creditors
  • LXAuftragl personal accounts length up to 8-digit
  • Summary accounts for debtors and creditors
  • Predefined impersonal accounts to SKR03 / 04 / KMU...
  • Freely definable taxes
  • Freely definable keys
  • Freely definable book entry texts and a lot more...
  • Convenient address management
  • Convenient account management
  • Correspondence with document management
  • Employee
  • Couriers
  • Division in groups
  • Memos
  • Private address
  • Bank connection
  • Invoicing data
  • Book entry capture

    Book entry capture

  • Open item and impersonal account partitioning
  • Integrated cost accounting with cost unit/cost center/cost partitioning
  • Cost input
  • Automatic consideration of country-specific tax codes
  • Configurable automatic book entries like sales tax and pretax, differences in exchange rates, other...
  • Book entry import interface to DATEV systems
  • Arbitrarily many open booking years
  • Open item settlement
  • Return book entries
  • Differing financial year
  • Manual capture
  • Capture from DATEV file
  • Capture from MT940 file
  • Capture from invoicing
  • Entry audit on correctness
  • Display of the posting procedure with the help of the account numbers
  • Direct audit and book entry information
  • Account care from document entry
  • Split entry
  • Dialog book entry
  • Journal release and posting
  • Posting journal
  • Full screen
  • Open item debtors

    Open item debtors

  • Integrated foreign currency fit dunning with arbitrarily many dunning methods and levels.
  • OIHL (open item history link), direct open item link to the original voucher
  • Edit
  • Open item list
  • Dunning
    • Bank statement
    • Reminder
  • Debits
    • Debit proposal list
    • Debit proposals edit.
    • DTA-Clearing

    Open item creditors

  • Payments for the creation of remittances and debit entries with electronic data carrier exchange as well as cheques.
  • OIHL (open item history link), direct open item link to the original voucher
  • Edit
  • Open item list
  • Payments
    • Payment proposal list
    • Payment proposals edit.
    • DTA-Clearing
    • Remittance slips print out.
    • Cheques print out.


    Bank statement

    Bank statement

  • Bank statement from year to year
  • Bank statement annual-covering
  • Bank statement from account to account
  • Bank statement briefly
  • Bank statement detail
  • Bank statement balances
  • Cost centres and cost types evaluation

  • Evaluation according to limitable cost centres
  • Cost centres management
  • Cost centres management
  • Business-management evaluation

  • Business assessment from date to date limitable
  • Business assessment texts
  • Business assessment groups
  • Profit and loss account

  • Profit and loss account from date to date limitable
  • Profit and loss account texts
  • Preparation of balance sheet

  • Annual balance sheet
  • Assets / liabilities
  • Capital balance carried forward
  • Balance sheet texts
  • Year opening balance

  • Automatically forward from the previous year
  • Manually per account
  • DATEV interface

    DATEV export interface

  • High cost saving, because the postentering of your vouchers by the tax consultant is dropped.
  • Automatic conversion of all posting procedures into the DATEV format.
  • DATEV import interface

  • You can import the complete book entry batch of your tax consultant and all account data into your own financial accounting.
  • All functions of your financial accounting LXFibu are available to you. You can evaluate these data and to rework.
  • ELSTER UStVA link-up with WINSTON

    ELSTER UStVA link-up with WINSTON

  • You can directly send your sales tax summary report to the tax office.
  • The LINUX program WINSTON is available to you.
  • LXFibu and WINSTON operate hand in hand.
  • Zusammenfassende Meldung

  • Diese Funktion erzeugt eine 'Zusammenfassende Meldung' zur Erfassung des tatsächlichen Warenverkehrs zwischen den Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Gemeinschaft.
  • Die Ausgabe erfolgt per Ausdruck direkt aus der LXFibu Finanzbuchhaltung.
  • Data preparation for tax audits (GDPdU)

  • Data carrier surrender according to GDPdU
  • Preparation of the tax-relevant data including all necessary program-specific structure information. It is for one financial year for the creation of a machinable usable data carrier, e.g. in form of an evaluateable tax audit CD.
  • The indirect and direct access according to GDPdU
  • Preparation of tax- and evaluation-relevant data including all necessary program-specific structure information and programs. It is for one financial year including backup of program-specific annual data.
  • Data preparation and archiving of all tax- and evaluation-relevant data including all for the evaluation of the data necessary structural information (e.g., format specifications, data structures, field definitions, link specifications etc) according to the principles to the data access and to the verifiability of digital documents for the financial administrative authorities (sect 146 subsec 5, sect 147 subsec 2, 5, 6, sect 200 subsec 1 AO and sect 14 subsec 4 UStG)
  • Bank vouchers import

  • MT940 (swift) file interface
  • High cost saving
  • Automatic conversion of all import data to the correct accounts.
  • Link-up with invoicing

    Link-up with invoicing

  • Link-up with LXAUFTRAG ERP
  • Transfer of the outgoing invoice ledger data
  • Print

  • Display evaluation
  • KPrinter
  • Printer
  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Operator guidance

  • Online help
  • Online tips
  • Online manual
  • SQL server

  • Link-up with many data formats
  • Query language
  • Query lists
  • Export
  • Import
  • ODBC
  • Result

    The prompt capture and evaluation of the accountancy represent the information and control instrument for small-scale and medium-sized enterprises.
    Tendencies in the sales and cost range are revealed fast - also in the comparison of the previous year - within the scope of the evaluation control via the business assessment.
    Individual complementary evaluations, e.g. via comparison of a plan invoice, top the information off.
    Notes for the attention regarding of tax regulations and tax arrangement can be given by the prompt processing.



    "... last week Mrs. Nessler tested the aligned version of LXFibu in detail and is very happy with it.
    The version meets our requirements for 100 percent.
    "Ludwig Maximilian university, Munich
    Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences,