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ELSTER offers all employees, pensioners, entrepreneurs and employers the possibility to transmit electronically different tax returns via Internet to the tax office.



ELSTER offers all employees,
Pensioners, entrepreneurs
And employers the possibility,
Different tax returns electronically
Via Internet to the tax office
To transmit.
You can directly send your sales tax summary report to the tax office.
The LINUX program WINSTON is available to you.
LXFibu and WINSTON operate hand in hand.

What is realised in LXFibu.

Quick acquisition of the accounting vouchers.

  • Adjust and automatic assignment
  • Evaluation of the sales tax summary report via printer.
  • Automatic integration of the program
  • All further steps are then carried out by WINSTON.
  • What is in WINSTON realized?

  • Registration and transmission of sales tax summary reports, wage-tax returns and extensions of time.
  • Creation of certificate of wage tax deductions
  • Configuration of the acquisition in order to mask out unused fields.
  • Automatic calculation of the final sums (indicator 83).
  • Mandator ability, i.e., you can transmit data for several persons / companies.
  • Filing of the sent data for documentation.
  • To buffer of several records for the transmission to the tax office in the piece.
  • Acquisition of sales tax summary reports from ReWe (DATEV).
  • Interface to take over data from other programs: Interface specification.
  • Tax account query (only with signature card)