LXFibu and CARSHARING Freiburg

The Company CARSHARING offers an organized use of cars from a common motor vehicle inventory.
The members take advantage of these vehicles and an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, reserve a booking office.

The collaboration with CARSHARING began in 2008.
The Company CARSHARING ordered a copy of our financial accounting LXFibu for the LINUX operating system.

It should be a financial accounting, which must have to be connected to an existing software system.
This existing software system manages all reservations and movements of the fleet.
This creates payroll lists, which should in turn be to incorporate into a financial accounting system.

LXFibu nutshell

Start the surface LXFibuThe financial accounting LXFibu function offers the complete circumference of a modern bookkeeping.
Next to the acquisition of entries in the dialogue and in the batch thus belongs the open items management also.

The conventional or electronic payments with data carrier exchange, the dunning, the balancing, as well as the cost center accounting and cost unit controlling the complete scope of services of this accounting program.

multi-user ability and company codes to allow you to book the complete accountancy for several companies or single departments and branches separated and to evaluate the results.

With the consolidation can be the single accountancies brought together.
The financial accounting program LXFibu distinguishes itself by a very quick entry.
The input of a voucher is recognised immediately and checked for plausibility.
The program LXFibu is stable, fast and secure.


The company CARSHARING manages many members, and many vehicles and single trips.
Additionally, you have even more evaluations of gasoline, special expenses, credits, and more.
Every journey of a member will be recorded, forwarded, stored and analyzed.
If a member of car-sharing uses a vehicle a device in the car detects the most important data.
This data are collected at the firm with the already running software system and get evaluated.

Evaluations with heavy traffic monitor everyday.

A large financial accounting system, as it represents our LXFibu system, now imports these data and thus represents an integration in a current financial accounting.
Especially for this connection LXFibu our program has received a import filter.
Each step is recorded and can be traced if necessary.

What are the key advantages of LXFibu in combination with the CARSHARING's system?

  • Import of vehicle data and their movements
  • Billing Summary in groups
  • Open Item Management
  • debtors and creditors with payment proposal lists
  • Debit and credit management
  • reminders
  • Homogeneous connection internal accounting with the supplied vehicle data.
  • BWA-house analysis, P&L and balance sheet
  • DATEV Export
  • BP IDEA Interface

  • Result
    By connecting the LXFibu financial accounting, the vehicle data from the company CARSHARING can be homogeneously covered by a company financial accounting.