Our products LXSeries

Our LX products represent the best software on the market which you can receive for the operating system LINUX.

All our products are multilingual.
All our products use the same data base.
Therefore, all information can be exchanged between all programs and the modules.
This is the base for an absolute multiuser capability.
The LX series is permanently adapted to the newest state of technology.
In addition to the user software we offer other services to achieve the optimum use of software in your company.

LXAUFTRAG Order processing/ invoicing licence

LXAUFTRAG Order processing/ invoicing licence

It has all functions which you need to edit orders simply and efficiently.
This software controls masterfully all standard processes like quotations, orders, delivery notes, invoices, invoice cancelations and credit notes. The pro as well as the beginner likes the practical, quick and clear usability as well as the logical structure.


The financial accounting LXFibu offers the complete function circumference of a modern bookkeeping.
Next to the acquisition of entries in the dialog and in the batch also belongs the open items management.
The input of a voucher is recognised immediately and checked for plausibility.
LXLohn Payroll and salary accounting licence

LXLohn Payroll and salary accounting licence

The personnel management LXLohn relieves you of your monthly work with the payroll and salary accounting.
This sensitive area is processed by LXLohn in reliable and comprehensible form.
LXLohn organises many regulations and guidelines and annual changes.