The LXFibu assets accounting is a multi-client capable and an industry-neutral software solution for the management of your fixed assets.
The application has three account circles separated of each other and an integrated binding to the LXFibu financial accounting and LXFibu cost accounting.
Apart from the fiscal assessment the fixed assets can be valued according to commercial law and cost-calculated criteria. The user-defined cost-calculated loop will be renamed.
The program provides substantial evaluations to you.

Performance aspects

Automatic transition declining and linear
Booking entries and evaluations monthly and annually
Direct or indirect amortizations
Performance specifications
Index tables
Freely eligible depreciated cost
Individual chart of accounts
Integration to LXFibu financial accounting and LXFibu cost accounting
Parallel controlled payroll subunits

Account movements

Dialog and batch capture mode
Duplicate funktion
Additional capitalizations with and without adjustment of the AfA basis
Acquisition of the new entries directly from the LXFibu financial accounting
Partial and full repostings
Partial retirements
Current-value depreciations
Accelerated depreciations
Discount decreases
Cost centers and accounts change
Complete retirement with and without proportionate depreciation calculation
Additional layer - AfA
Cancelation function
Consumption book entries


Parallel payroll subunits
Steady and individual amortization types
Warranty and maintenance
Main inventory and machine numbers
Locations, cost centers, cost units
Asset classes
Extensive asset information on the screen
Assignment of an asset on several cost centers / cost units


Automatic archiving of documents of the financial accounting
Call of archived vouchers from the accounts / open item display
Impersonal accounts file
Customer and supplier file


Assets analysis (gross / net representation)
Development of the fixed assets (gross / net representation)
Amortization protocol
Amortization proof
Aquisition and retirement lists
Assets accounts
Stock registers
Insurance / asset overviews
Forecast evaluations
Extensive sorting and selection possibilities

In general

Multi-client capability
Multi-user capability
Client consolidation
Clear menu structure
Online documentation