CONSTRUCTION PROFIT Calculation licence

CONSTRUCTION PROFIT Calculation licenceConstruction profit closes{rounds off} the complete building design system of the interactive project planning and professional coordination of the capacity ranges HOAI.
As professional working means the BAUPLUS system is cut directly on the multiple areas of responsibility of the building contractor{property developer}.
It increases the productiveness, released{freed} by routine assignments, allows the highest precision and reliability of your calculations and contracts.
The essential areas of BAUPLUS are:

  • Comprehensive construction project planning of the draught up to the construction use expenses in collaboration with the CAD ARCAD and the AVA ARCHITEC.
  • Mass calculation and mass takeover of the construction amounts from CAD data
  • HOAI orientation
  • Cost calculation
  • Construction material-macroeditor
  • Free AVA coupling by shared data base
  • Partitioning of every position fit for tender in single craft-dependent subitem
  • Partitioning of the subitems in the construction materials, wage types and wage amounts
  • Distribution of the craft dependence in the time schedule
  • Calculation of the prices on the basis of the construction materials
  • Construction material tender, placing, accounting
  • Master data management
  • Time schedule
  • Process supervision
  • Logistics (delivery and ordering system) of the construction materials
  • Stock and machines
  • Financing control
  • Construction documentation
  • Address management with binding to the correspondence
  • Correspondence, serial letter and email option
  • GAEB 81-86 import and export filter
  • Transfer to strange systems after GAEB and MDI
  • Brochure

  • CAD data migration

    CAD data migration

    The program BAUPLUS can directly be integrated into the ARCAD CAD.
    In doing so, the advantages are used which originate from the direct co-operating of all products.

    Construction accounting

    the exact billing of the amounts and costs follows traditionally only after the termination of a project.
    The exact, differentiated quantity determination as well as the availability of market-driven prices decline the traditional bill of quantities calculation and the usual final costing.
    It can be operated in far stronger extent with fixed price and mass guarantees.
    The offer invoice is automatically carried out with entry of the price comparison list by the program.
    Besides, it is possible to calculate the relatival cubic capacities and costs, while a reference object with the ascertained values is laid out.

    Construction materials

    A construction project consists of construction materials, and what lies closer, than to use these construction materials as an essential basis for calculation and construction.Every position and every building material has saved a wage portion and a wage type.An inflation index is additionally taken into consideration.Due to the time schedule which extracts its data first from the quantity calculation, bigger projects can be controled, i.e. when which section will become active and when the suitable construction materials must be ordered.On the basis of this information the real price growth can be taken into consideration in the basic calculation.

    Construction material tender

    Construction materials can be called for tenders to the suppliers who are close to the construction location.
    Linchpin is the mass editor which grants to you the possibility to create your own macros from construction materials, times and wage types.
    With these macros, once entered, you achieve a strong efficiency of your electronic data processing.
    Because of the building material-macrolevels you can exactly calculate a construction project with your computer within a short period of time.

    Monitoring of the progress of construction work

    The estimated costs and masses which were entered with the calculation of the crafts, serve as a temporal frame of references.
    At it the produced partial performances and charged advance payments can be checked and be released.The payments of the builder-owner are compared to the ascertained costs and the financial burden of all involved are appropriately distributed.
    Possible changes during the construction time, own contributions or supplement wishes of the builder-owner can be taken into consideration any time and are introduced in the running object.

    Ordering system in the program BAUPLUS

    Ordering system in the program BAUPLUS

    BauPLUS manages the transport logistics, the delivery note processing and the requirement of the construction materials.
    Due to the maintenance of the time schedule and the constant availability of the target-performance comparison of the building site the building material is at the right time at the right place.
    With it the demand of construction materials can directly be calculated in the bill of quantities. The program creates then suitable order lists with the current prices of the suppliers. It presorts addresses, building sites, delivery dates etc..
    Price changes of the suppliers are automatically taken into consideration with the next costing.
    The cost determination is automatically supported from the orders.
    Working capacities, construction equipment and construction materials can be treated separated.

    This part is appreciated by building contractors, because all ranges which are processed below the position level are registered by this module.

    The demand of construction materials can directly be calculated in the bill of quantities with the ordering system.Then the program immediately creates the suitable order lists with the current prices of the suppliers, presorted according to addresses, building site and delivery date.

    Price changes of the suppliers are automatically taken into consideration with the next costing.The cost determination is automatically supported from the orders.

    With this program module own contributions can not only be used without noteworthy operating effort, manpower and construction materials can also be treated separately where it seems meaningful.Thus the construction materials can be called for tenders with suppliers and compared to a complete price comparison list for construction materials.