LXAVA AVA licence

LXAVA AVA licenceThe program LXAVA is the tender, placing, accounting routine (AVA).
This runs under the operating system LINUX.
The typical areas of application of LXAVA are:

  • Understandable living and floor space calculation
  • Automatic dimension and mass takeover of the CAD data
  • Understandable mass calculation to DIN
  • Call for tenders
  • Allocation{Placing}
  • Account{Bill}
  • Cost calculation
  • Address management with binding to the correspondence
  • Master data management
  • Correspondence, serial letter and e-mail option
  • GAEB 81-86 import and export filter
  • MDI Data import filter of SIRADOS, HEINZE, ASCII, DATANORM
  • Cost determination (DIN 276, building elements)
  • Areas and volumes (DIN 277/283)
  • Management of free family texts, STLB-, GAEB-, MDI-and texts SIRADOS
  • Price data base
  • Project templates
  • Fit to network, multiusable
  • Direct CAD Integrierung
  • Subscriptions and sketches in the call for tenders text
  • An easy use
  • Easy learning

  • LXAVA distinguishes itself by a direct CAD Integrierung, drawings and sketches in your call for tenders text, an easy use as well as light{simple} Erlernbarkeit.
    As professional working means the AVA system LXAVA is cut directly on the multiple areas of responsibility of the architect.
    You increase the productiveness, release{free} from routine assignments, allow the highest precision and reliability of your calculations and contracts.
    For architects and planners who put{place} high graduations{scales} LXAVA is the right choice for LINUX.

    Bill of quantities

    Bill of quantities

    Importing of the comprehensible masses from ARCAD 3D CAD
    Use of the component catalogue SIRADOS
    Direct definition of the positions and components in the drawing
    Clipboard of the calculated masses
    Comprehensible auxiliary calculation, calculation to VOB
    Filing of the auxiliary calculations to the positions

    Dimension determination

    Dimension determination

    Areas and volumes (DIN 277/283)
    Importing of the comprehensible dimension entries from ARCAD 3D CAD
    Clipboard of the calculated dimension surfaces
    Comprehensible auxiliary calculation
    Living space calculation /floor space calculation ready for the building application


    Cost determination (DIN 276, building elements)
    Cost estimate on the basis of the position prices
    Cost estimate on the basis of the last price comparison list
    Costing on the basis of the valid positions and basis articles, too
    Cost determination from mass calculation
    Price basis supportable on automatic price maintenance
    Cost estimate via price data base

    Preparation placing

    Standard bill of quantities texts, SIRADOS texts
    BOQ crafts-, component- and element-orientated
    Automatic BOQ from room book / element file
    Bill of quantities of free formulas, according to REB 23.003
    Masses per room, component and element

    Preparation of the placing

    BOQ craft-, component-, element-orientated
    Automatic BOQ from room book
    Element file
    Bill of quantities of free formulas according to REB 23.003
    Masses per room, component and element

    Participation placing

    Recalculate quotations.
    Price comparison list
    Cost estimate
    Creation order BOQ

    Site supervision

    Dimension, target-performance comparison
    Time management, capacity plan (option Gantt)
    Daily construction records (option Gantt)
    Cost control, cost updating
    Audit, payment order
    Cost conclusion

    Address management

    Management of free addresses
    Management of free correspondence
    Dispatch to printer, fax, e-mail
    Long text editing, specifications, documentation
    Notes, dimension, auxiliary calculations



    Correspondence / word processing
    Long text editing,
    Notes, dimension,
    auxiliary calculations
    Circulars, label printing
    Layout control, layer's technology
    Margin, sales control
    Printout on printer, display, file and fax
    Font selection and attributes, integration of drawings
    Text retrieval
    Text clipboard and management system
    Block functions
    Search and exchange
    Calculate and buffer.
    Calculation in the text.
    Calendar, framework function
    Operates also directly in the CAD.

    Lists and protocols

    Own list generation
    Sort statement
    Output on printer, display, file or fax
    Database query and macrolanguage

    Living space calculation from the CAD

    Living space calculation from the CAD

    LXAVA can exchange and calculate data in direct link-up with the ARCAD 3D CAD program.
    Living space calculation and floor space calculation can directly be derived from the CAD and used in LXAVA for the normal use as basic data.


    SIRADOS texts and prices, component catalogue
    GAEB 81/84 read, GAEB 81-83/86 write.
    Fax, modem, data carrier
    ASCII / DBASE IV compatible data

    Performance features generally/ cross-staged

    Context-sensitive help
    Fit to network, multiusable
    Automated project backup and data protection