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To get to know his partners creates trust.

We offer from one source:

  • Software presentation
  • Advisory service before the purchase
  • Office and demand analysis
  • Complete systems in collaboration with steady hardware partners
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support of the clients during the training phase
  • Hotline support
  • Shared project creation
  • Comprehensive software development
  • Construction specific expertise
  • Innovation, progress and constant advancement
  • Years of full experience speak their own language.

    We observe the development of the electronic data processing. Due to the operability of our software products under most different operating systems and the use of modern 32 bit development tools you also receive in the future competitive programs.

    We create qualitatively first-class software.

    Our products include 3D CAD, AVA, picture visualisation, vectorization, ERP, financial accounting, payroll accounting and the binding of bound by contract software houses.
    Services like creation of visualisation, execution of construction planning, training by order complement our range of articles.



  • History
  • The company Software Haltern was founded in 1983 to create software especially for the main construction and subconstruction work.