ARCAD on MacOSX 10.6. Information dated 21th January, 2010

100 percent of C Source can be compiled on every machine!
Our products exist of 100 percent of pure ANSI C Source!
On the right you see 3 photos which show the new famous Apple MAC mini.
The computer stands absolutely silently on the desk.
You simply use it.
Before you leave the office, use the remote control of the Apple MAC mini and switch your system to the standby mode.

Quality control

We call for a permanent quality control.
Therefore we have set up for different computer architectures, various jobs.
All workstations use the same C source.
This source is compiled and tested in the workplace.
If improvements are made, they are reported to the C source.

To check our CAD software we have large A0 plotter.
This allows rapid and precise testing of practice.
Also, professional color laser printer complete the features.

Our users benefit from it.
And you also.

A look behind the scenes

You see a working place in our company, which is equipped with a 40 inch Sony monitor and a small Apple Mac mini.
The Mac mini literally disappears down right under the monitor.
The computer is completely silent.
In contrast, the performance of the device is completely convincing.
The monitor is controlled with full 1920x1080 pixels and can display his absolute power.
Our programs work perfectly on the new generation of Apple computers.

ARCAD 3D CAAD on 40 Zoll Monitor

The 3D ARCAD CAAD is completely embedded in the new MAC OSX.
To work with a monitor of this size is a new experience.

Size matters...
Also in collaboration with the client, a monitor of this size is very convincing.
All 3D visualizations can be further processed in the Apple environment.
Further editing and printing performed in the comfort of Apple's desktop graphics processing.

Apple MAC mini and our office software

The MAC OS X includes many tools.
Scheduling, mobile synchronization, editing and many more programs complement our software.
DVDs, cameras and audio are handled convincingly.

ARCAD and Apple MAC OS X are a strong team.
The computer is small and absolutely quiet.
At the highest resolution monitors work perfectly along with ARCAD programs and Apple computers.

The computer

Look at the Apple site to learn more about this machine.